Club News

Held at 1810 – 16 November 2016 at the Artie Smith Oval Clubrooms
(For Season 201t)

Attendee’s: N. Hickmott, A. McCann, G. Duke, G. Farrow, A. Pearn, G. Keys, B. Corbett, J. Wright, D. Morrison, J. Boxsell & J. O’Byrne

Apologies: J. Hickmott, L. Gernyi, L. Jackman, D. Gration, A & K Ugle & C. Boxsell

Tony opened the Meeting and thanked those that turned up for coming along and showing their support for the Club.

Minutes of Previous AGM:

Sticks suggested that as all business arising from the last AGM has either been actioned or overtaken by events; there was no real need to go over them in detail. If anyone has any points they would like to bring up, they can wait until General Business. Copies are available if anyone wants to have a read. Agreed.


Presidents (Verbal) Moved A. McCann – Accepted by all in attendance.

Tony gave a brief summary of how he thought the year went and thanked everyone on the committee for all their support throughout the year. Considering how competitive we were for most of the year, it was disappointing how we fell away at the end, losing the last 2 games and having to forfeit reserve grade in the last round. Looking forward, we need to recruit and there needs to be a commitment to promoting and improved communication with the Junior’s. On the plus side, the U/12’s won their grand final which was great. He also suggested that we might like/need to have a few more meeting throughout the year.

Treasurer’s (Attached) Moved N. Hickmott – Accepted by all in attendance.

Sticks advised that the Club remains in a very healthy position with most of our Sponsors expected to be onboard in 2017. Despite rising affiliation fees, and the purchase of a new TV, Banner & Fire screen, plus increased payments for Physio & Junior umpires we still managed to make a profit, plus we are still waiting on sponsorship from the Bridge Tavern.

SCAFL Report:

Not a lot to report. League AGM is on Wednesday 14th December – Tony and/or Sticks to attend. Should no more after that.

League is looking for a nominee from each Club to be the POC on any issues or decisions that need to be made. Whilst it is understood that Clubs will be protective of their own interests, people should be empowered to vote in the best interests of the game. Where decisions are not straight forward, Club delegates would be expected to go back to their Clubs and discuss the issue before voting on the final outcome. That way, Clubs can’t complain they weren’t included in the process. Neville Hickmott was subsequently nominated to act as Bomaderry’s delegate.

Rep Team was again successful in 2016 with Jack Boxsell & Tom Hines representing the Club in what was a very strong side.

Tony McCann then declared all positions vacant and called on nominations for season 2016.



President A. McCann N. Hickmott G. Duke

Senior Vice Pres. G. Duke A. McCann A. Pearn

Junior Vice Pres. D. Morrison N. Hickmott G. Farrow

Secretary J. Hickmott N. Hickmott A. McCann

Treasurer N. Hickmott A. McCann G. Keys

Committee: G. Farrow G. Duke A. McCann
L. Gernyi G. Farrow G. Duke
G. Keys N. Hickmott A. Pearn
A. Pearn N. Hickmott A. McCann
C. Boxsell N. Hickmott G. Farrow
J. Boxsell N. Hickmott A. McCann
J. O’Byrne N. Hickmott G. Keys
B. Corbett A. Pearn J. Boxsell
J. Wright N. Hickmott G. Keys

All positions were elected unopposed.

Tony took the opportunity to once again thank everyone for a job well done and wish the incoming committee every success.



Sticks advised that early indications seem to suggest that most sponsors were happy with the level of support they received in 2016 and that we are already well positioned for next year with regards to sponsorship. Macca’s & Amazing Dental are both locked in for next year. The Bridge Tavern, Dunn & Williams, Tuscany, Scruple’s, Crofty’s Tyre & Auto & Basham’s Physiotherapy have also given a verbal pledge, plus I’m reasonably confident Specsaver’s, Mamma’s, Baker’s Delight, Caltex, Manildra, Aqua Services, Integrity Real Estate, Hanlon Windows, Big Dog and the BBC will re-commit.

Plan to send out letters inside the next week with an Appreciation Certificate enclosed. If anyone else has any other prospective sponsors in mind, please speak to Sticks.

Coaches for 2017

Sticks reported that Glen Keys will be the Head Coach in 2017. Door is still open should someone with the necessary qualities arrive in town to take on an assistant role and/or be appointed reserve grade coach. Glenn will be assisted by the leadership group and Dukesy is happy to help out in whatever capacity if needed. Unfortunately Jacko has been posted in January and whilst unable to attend the AGM, the committee was appreciative of the job he did and will miss his involvement.

Glenn then gave a quick outline on his coaching philosophy and his plans for 2017. Key points included a team built on trust & belief in each other, adherence to the code of conduct, the way player’s dress for games and the introduction of a mentoring program for the U/17’s.

Preseason training to start on the 21NOV and conclude on the 14DEC (Mon & Wed 6 – 7.30pm), and recommence on the 24JAN every Tues & Thursday. He also wants to talk to Brucie & Mazey and see what role if any they may like to have. It was also discussed and agreed that if anyone on the committee runs into any of our past players, to hit them up and if they show any interest in being involved, then they should give Glenn their details and he will chase them up.


As already mentioned in Tony’s report, Sticks re-emphasised the importance of recruitment if the Club is to survive. Whilst the older members of the committee are happy to continue with the day to day running of the Club, organise the canteen and set up on game day, it’s up to the players and younger member’s of the Club/Committee, to spread the word and chase up players, because without players, we don’t have a Club.

Julieanne will fill out the appropriate paperwork and send it to the NSW Office of Fair Trading inside the required timeframe (28 days).

Sticks moved that fees remain the same in 2017 and that we stick with the same singlets. Agreed

Sticks to place orders for any equipment shortfalls and organise the names for the honour board. Glen advised that BLK is in receivership, so probably not the best company to deal with.

Bottom end goal posts need to be replaced again. Sticks to order replacement posts. Unfortunately not covered by insurance.

Sticks moved that we increase our Contents Insurance from $15,000 (standard) to $25,000 and take out $30,000 building cover (carpet, kitchen etc). Costs an extra $101 for piece of mind. Agreed

Sticks to get Les to refresh the medical kit and check the defibrillator during the off season.

Pearny to organise a Bunning’s BBQ for the BSC. Good recruiting opportunity.

Social cricket game was a huge success. Pearny & Glenn to look at holding another game or two during the off season.

Dukesy to organise a plaque for the Clubhouse with the names of Bomaderry Players that have won the Tunbridge Medal.

Dukesy then tabled a 50/50 Club Sheet. The aim being to try and get 50 players to commit to playing in 2017 and once they have paid at least $50 off their rego, we conduct a draw with the winner getting free rego. May help us work out our playing numbers earlier and act as a recruiting incentive.

Sticks advised that the Bomaderry Cricket Club will be using the Clubhouse for a couple of functions during the off season. We make a few dollars, the Club gets a bit of exposure and hopefully we might pick up one or two players.

Dave Morrison advised that the Juniors had already held their AGM with all positions filled, and that the outlook for 2017 was very positive. Age groups next year will be Auskick, U/9’s, U/11’s, U/13’s (2 teams), U/15’s & U/17’s. He also thanked Tony and the senior committee for all their support and requested that the Juniors be allowed to put up Junior Honour Board and a stowage shelf for a perpetual trophy up in the Clubhouse which was Agreed.

There was then a lengthy discussion on how we manage the U/17’s especially the older kids and whilst it was appreciated that you can’t stop them from playing senior football, it was also acknowledged that their role in helping develop the rest of the U/17’s players and make the team more competitive was crucial to the long tern survival of that age group, and will only help the seniors in the long term. Glenn agreed to take that onboard and work with the Junior’s and try and reach a balance that suits everyone. Yes we want them playing, but not at the expense of the Juniors.

Burnie tabled the idea of a Club Booklet with key information about the Club, the Code of Conduct, and any other relevant information. Burnie & Glen to organise with assistance from Sticks if required.

Burnie also mentioned the prospect of making the Presentation Night more formal, similar to the Black & Gold Ball. Whilst no discounted, Sticks pointed out that meals at a Club are a lot more expensive and if the players don’t turn up which happens every year, then the Club would be out of pocket. Would also need to find another way of supporting the pub because they sponsor us and we would also be up for the cost of providing our own entertainment if we were going to make a night of it. Something for the players to discuss in the new year.

Jack asked that we get the shower closest to the toilet block fixed. Sticks to action.

Dukesy suggested a practice game against Bargo @ Wilton which is their new how ground. Dukesy & Glenn to look at in the new year.

Meeting closed 2200.

Next meeting – TBA.