Club Awards

Women’s Honour Board

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YearBest & FairestR/U B&FPlayer's PlayerTiger of the YearMost ConsistentLeading GoalkickerBest BackCoaches Award
2023B. Halls & R. TaylorJ. Simpson & I. McConvilleB. HallsA. AbbeyS. HackettNot AwardedK. SnellingM. Carr
2022G. HughesJ. WardaleB. HallsR. NelsonNot Awarded
R. TaylorE. Reichler
2021L. MacDonaldR. NelsonL. MacDonalsI. PatmoreNot AwardedG. HughesN. Patmore
2020R. NelsonL. MacDonaldI. PatmoreJ. WardaleN. MurrayG. HughesB. Swankie
2019B. KelletL. MacDonaldB. KelletS. PhillipsK. SargentJ. LiddiardJ. Gibbs
K. Brambley
2018S. PhillipsB. KelletJ. ThomasK. BramleyM. PearsonJ. LiddiardJ. Hudson
E. Dempsey

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