Club News

With a number of players unavailable and several players making their debut for the Club, we weren’t really sure what to expect going into Round 2, however any concerns were quickly erased as both teams jumped out of the blocks kicking early goals and from that point, they were never really put under any real pressure.

Unfortunately, the girls weren’t quite as lucky and whilst the Lions took the points with 3 goals in the second half, it was certainly a much improved performance.

Highlights of the day included Fergus Priest’s debut in 1st Grade, Rex Hunts 50th milestone, Jeremy O’Byrne & Gareth Hopwood’s return after lengthy absences, the inclusion of Jeremy Boonstra, Oliver Thomas, Alex Morrison, Jared Wright, Dylan Cosgrove & Tristan Woods for their first game of Senior football and the popular addition of Jack Batson after what could have been a fatal car accident.

A huge shout out to everyone that helped out on the day. Never easy when teams are at different venues, especially when you have to set up for a home game and organise a canteen. Big thanks to Ollie Halls & Hayden Batson for umpiring and a special mention to Emily Rirchler & Balinda Holt for doing the strapping at both grounds. Much appreciated.

Finally I would just like you to join me in wishing Grace Hughes & Lily McDonald all the best as they celebrate their 18th and 21st Birthdays.

1st GRADE:

Bomaderry: 11 – 16: 82 defeated LIONS  2 – 0: 12

Goals: M. Polman 5, M, Hughes, G. Costain, R. Kelly, J. Phillips, R. Arnold & J. Satchell

1 goal each.

Best: J. Phillips, S. Harvey-Aziz, M. Grant, R. Kelly, T. Dunstan, A. Toms, M. Lawrence, J. Satchell, M. Polman & M. Hughes


North Nowra Tavern and Crofty’s Auto & Tyre Voucher – James Phillips

Kel Campbell Caltex Fuel Card – Siwa Harvey-Aziz

Tuscany Wood-Fired Restaurant Voucher Jake Satchell

Scruple’s Hair & Beauty Award – Matt Lawrence

Zest Café & Catering Voucher – Max Hughes

Dunn & Williams Coaches Cup – Michael Grant


LIONS 3 – 5:  23 defeated Bomaderry 0 – 1: 10

Best:  G. Hughes, R. Hughes, R. Nelson, N. Patmore, B. Kellett, L. McDonald, I. Clarke, K. Carter, S. McMillan & L. Clarke 


North Nowra Tavern and Crofty’s Auto & Tyre Vouchers – Grace Hughes

Zest Café & Catering Voucher – Rose Hughes

Tuscany Wood-Fired Restaurant Voucher – Bridget Kellett

Scruple’s Hair & Beauty Award – Rhianna Nelson

Mamma’s Italian Kitchen Voucher – Kamille Carter

Dunn & Williams Coaches Cup – Imogen Clarke


Bomaderry 17 – 16: 118 defeated Figtree 0 – 1:  1

Goals: J. Weller 6, M. Hickmott 4, M. Wurr 2, J. O’Byrne, H. Colless, L. Wardale, J. Boonstra & J. McDonald 1 goal each.

Best: M. Wurr, J. Boonstra, J. O’Byrne, J. Batson, J. McDonald, J. Weller, O. Thomas, H. Colless, M. McMenamin & C. Braddick


North Nowra Tavern and Crofty’s Auto & Tyre Vouchers – Mitch Wurr

Zest Café & Catering Voucher – Jeremy Boonstra

Tuscany Wood-Fired Restaurant Voucher – Jeremy O’Byrne

Scruple’s Hair & Beauty Award – Jack Batson

Mamma’s Italian Kitchen Voucher – Corey Braddick

Dunn & Williams Coaches Cup – Hew Collace