Club News

A big weekend of football, saw the men’s Premier Division team record their third straight win and move into the top four with a reasonable chance of playing finals football, as did the girls whose thrilling one point win over the competition leaders sees them sitting in second spot on the table and a fairly good chance to earn that all-important double chance.

In the other game, Reserve Grade took on the undefeated Bulldogs and whilst they weren’t able to get the win, they certainly weren’t disgraced going down by 31 points after trailing by 40 points at the main break.

A big thanks once again to everyone that helped out on game day and especially to those people that helped ensure the 43rd Annual WHOOA Cup was yet another resounding success.

In particular, I would like to acknowledge Geoff & Tony for their effort behind the bar, Matty Hickmott (Race Caller), BT, Cort & Simone (Race Guide), Jess Liddiard (Course Vet) and Ros Phillips.

Also congratulations to Katie Sargent (Miss WHOOA 2019) and Hotdogs and the other syndicate owners of this year’s winner ‘The Two-Headed Tasmanian’.



Bulldogs 8 – 9: 57 defeated Bomaderry: 4 – 2: 26

Goals: M. Hickmott 2, M. Wurr & W. Grootenboer 1 goal                ,

Best: M. Wurr, J. Ulrick, M. Hickmott, L. Hunt, T. Kager, J. McDonald, B. Tyrrell, C. Bramley,          W. Grootenboer & B. Hooker


Crofty’s Auto & Tyre & the TAV Voucher’s – Mitchell Wurr

Tuscany Wood-Fired Restaurant Voucher – John Ulrick

Mamma’s Italian Kitchen Voucher – Matt Hickmott

Scruple’s Hair & Beauty Award – James McDonald

Dunn & Williams Coaches Cup – Lachlan Hunt


Bomaderry 2 – 8: 20 defeated Bulldogs 3 – 1: 19

Goals: K. Sargent & L. McDonald 1 goal

Best: S. Phillips, E. Dempsey, L. McDonald, J. Liddiard, B. Kellett, S. Hackett, J. Gibbs, E. Priest,   K. Sargent, R. Matthews & K. Phillips


Crofty’s Auto & Tyre, & the TAV Voucher’s – Sophie Phillips

Inspired Hair Designs Voucher – E. Priest

Tuscany Wood-Fired Restaurant Voucher – Katie Sargent

Scruple’s Hair & Beauty Award – Kate Phillips

Mamma’s Italian Kitchen Voucher – Jess Liddiard

Dunn & Williams Coaches Cup – Emma Dempsey


Bomaderry 8 – 7: 55 defeated Bulldogs 5 – 14: 44

Goals: J. Matthews 3, T. Dunstan 2, B. Oliver 2, M. Ganderton 1 goal

Best: A. Toms, T. Hines, Tristan Craig, J. Muggleton, C. Ward, S. Harvey-Aziz, M. Ganderton,         C. Clarke, B. Oliver & J. Boxsell


Crofty’s Auto & Tyre & TAV Voucher’s – Adriaan Toms

Kel Campbell Caltex Fuel Card – Thomas Hines

Tuscany Wood-Fired Restaurant Voucher – Tristan Craig

Mamma’s Italian Kitchen Voucher – John Muggleton

Scruple’s Hair & Beauty Award – Siwa Harvey-Aziz

Dunn & Williams Coaches Cup – Courtney Ward