Club News

After such a long break, wasn’t it great to see everyone running around and finally enjoying a game of footy.

Unfortunately, both men’s teams went down despite a spirited effort, whilst the girls were pushed for 3 quarters before running away with the game in the last term to give the Tiger faithful something to cheer about.

With the move to the Showground and all the new restrictions in place this year due to COVID-19, there was a lot of uncertainty going into the game, but to everyone’s credit, the day went off really well thanks to both Clubs, the umpires and everyone in attendance. Special mention to Dukesy and the committee for a job well done, be it on the sidelines, caring for the players or in the canteen.

Whilst the news on Jack Carter wasn’t particularly great after sustaining compound fracture, the last I heard, it wasn’t as bad as first thought, so hopefully we will see him back on the paddock before the year is out.

This week, all three grades travel to North Dalton Park to take on the Lions in what is sure to be another challenging round, so hopefully we get good numbers on the track this week and we can take it up to them.



Kiama 9 – 9: 63 defeated Bomaderry: 5 – 5: 35

Goals: J. Owens 2, N. McDonald, J. Biggs & C. Bramley 1 goal

Best:  T. Ozolins, M. Hughes, J. Ulrick, C. Bramley, M. McMenamin, N. McDonald


Crofty’s Auto & Tyre & the TAV Voucher’s – Tom Ozolins

Tuscany Wood-Fired Restaurant Voucher – J. Ulrick

Mamma’s Italian Kitchen Voucher – C. Bramley

Scruple’s Hair & Beauty Award – Max Hughes

Dunn & Williams Coaches Cup – Tom Ozolins


Bomaderry 5 – 11: 41 defeated Kiama 3 – 3: 21

Goals: N. Murray 3, K. Sargent & T. Weynberg 1 goal

Best: R. Nelson, G. Hughes, B. Swanke, N. Murray, B. Kellett, R. Hughes & I. Patmore


Crofty’s Auto & Tyre, & the TAV Voucher’s – Rhianna Nelson

Tuscany Wood-Fired Restaurant Voucher – Grace Hughes

Scruple’s Hair & Beauty Award – India Patmore

Mamma’s Italian Kitchen Voucher – Nikki Murray

Dunn & Williams Coaches Cup – Brooke Swanke


Kiama 7 – 19: 61 defeated Bomaderry 3 – 1: 19

Goals: J. Weller 2 & B. Munilla 1 goal

Best: A. Whitehill, J. Phillips, T. Nichols, C. Rodden, M. Lawrence, A. Toms, B. Munilla & A. Bilsborough.


Crofty’s Auto & Tyre & TAV Voucher’s – Alex Whitehill

Kel Campbell Caltex Fuel Card – Alex Bilsborough

Tuscany Wood-Fired Restaurant Voucher – Adrian Toms

Mamma’s Italian Kitchen Voucher – James Phillips

Scruple’s Hair & Beauty Award – Tom Nichols

Dunn & Williams Coaches Cup – Matt Lawrence