Club News

Coaches Comments – Men’s Division One 

The DIV 1 boys came away with a convincing 58 point win over what was another under strength side in the competition.

The game started in almost perfect conditions with the Tigers outfit producing some quality entries inside their forward 50 which produced 3 first quarter goals.

1/4 Time Score: Bomaderry 3 – 4: 22 to Lions 0 – 1: 1

The second quarter played out very much the same with big Max giving the onballers first use of the ball & setting up the forwards with some great ball delivery.  To see forwards setting blocks & rotating through the forward fifty to create space for each other was a credit to the work we have been doing.  Not to be outdone the backline led by the experienced McCann & BT did an outstanding job in shutting down the opposition to keep them scoreless for the quarter.

1/2 Time Score: Bomaderry 7 – 7: 49 to Lions 0 – 1: 1

The third quarter saw the weather start to change with a bit of drizzle making the ball and playing surface a little slippery.  Again we had plenty of opportunities with the ball but couldn’t make the impact on the scoreboard we were looking for.  A couple of injuries saw us down a couple of players which had some playing unfamiliar roles to normal.  To everyone’s credit no one took a backward step.

3/4 Time Score: Bomaderry 9 – 10: 64 to Lions 1 – 3: 9

The final term saw the rain get heavier & with that the game became a bit scrappy.  The focus for the term was to continue to run and apply scoreboard pressure which became more difficult as the conditions worsened.  The encouraging part was the fact we managed to win every quarter with a number of players having the opportunity to experience different roles which will hold us in good shape going forward.

Final Score:  Bomaderry 10 – 1: 73 to Lions 2 – 3: 15

Thanks to Rex & Pricey who travelled up to Shellharbour and helped out with numbers for our second grade, & then rushed back to play in the ones.  Glenn who somehow performed the Team Manager role for both grades.

Best Players: The Whole Team

Goals:  A. Ellis 4, J. Wright 2, J. Wetzel, K. Lonergan, C. Warrington & N. Snelling 1 goal each.


North Nowra Tavern and Crofty’s Auto & Tyre Vouchers – Ryan Kelly

Kel Campbell Caltex Card – Tom Hines

Tuscany Wood-Fired Restaurant Voucher – Ollie Halls

Scruple’s Hair & Beauty Award – Max Hughes

Mamma’s Italian Kitchen Voucher – Jake Satchell

Dunn & Williams Coaches Cup – Shaye Cruickshank

Coaches Comments – Women’s Premier Division

Another really tough day on the field for the Bomaderry AFL women against the Bulldogs with four withdrawals from the nominated side. Special thanks to Ash Whittaker, Katie Sargent and Rose Hughes who turned up as late replacements allowing the team to play with a few reserves on the bench. With three players playing their first game of the year, the Tigers were expecting a tough game against a classy Bulldogs team.

In perfect football conditions the Tigers defenders, once again led by Grace Hughes, held out for the first quarter and restricted the Bulldogs to only a couple of goals. It was a super effort and provided an opportunity for the Tigers to then kick with the wind.  Ruby Reid was tenacious in defence and was tackling and applying pressure on all of the Bulldogs forwards. Teneale Keene again tried very hard in the centre but the Bulldogs were just able to move the ball too efficiently and extended their lead at half time.

For the second half, the Tigers never gave up but were no match for the Bulldogs who dominated the game. Special mention to Rhiannon Taylor in her first year of AFL, fullback is a tough position when the football is getting pumped in to the forward line so often. Also Tiff Weyenberg in her second last game as a Tiger, has been a role model to our younger players, she runs herself into the ground and never takes a backward step.

Next game we face the Figtree Saints again, it’s time to prove that we have individually improved and that we’re capable of putting a competitive score on the board. Any score will do.


North Nowra Tavern and Crofty’s Auto & Tyre Vouchers – Grace Hughes

Zest Café & Catering Voucher – Teneale Keene

Tuscany Wood-Fired Restaurant Voucher – Ruby Reid

Scruple’s Hair & Beauty Award – Taylor Matherson-Gee

Mamma’s Italian Kitchen Voucher –Tiffany Weyenberg

Dunn & Williams Coaches Cup – Rhiannon Taylor

Division 2   

Whilst I wasn’t there, from all reports the boys battled really hard against the odds, going down to their more experienced and bigger bodied opponents who were pretty well allowed to throw their weight around and get away with whatever in the heavy conditions.

Izzy was again a powerhouse racking up a ton of possessions, Tobias provided a target up forward kicking 2 goals, Sam Maher had another promising game across half back with great support from Jack Carter who was hit high and late several times without ceiving so much as a free kick, let alone a send-off.

Others to play well include Mitch Wurr & Jack Batson, whilst Jeremy Boonstra battled hard in the ruck. 

Scores:  North’s 8 – 10 : 58  defeated Bomaderry 3 – 6 : 24

Goals: T. Hanger2, M. Wurr 1 goal 


North Nowra Tavern and Crofty’s Auto & Tyre Vouchers – Mitchell Wurr

Zest Café & Catering Voucher – Joshua Lapatha

Tuscany Wood-Fired Restaurant Voucher – Sam Maher

Scruple’s Hair & Beauty Award – Jeremy Boonstra

Mamma’s Italian Kitchen Voucher – Jack Carter

Dunn & Williams Coaches Cup – William Clarke

Next week all 3 Games are scheduled for the Showground, so hopefully we should finally get a full round on footy at Home.