Club News

Held at 1800 – 08 November 2017 at the Artie Smith Oval Clubrooms
(For Season 2018)

Attendee’s: N. Hickmott, A. McCann, G. Duke, G. Farrow, G. Keys, D. Morrison, L. Gernyi,
J. Boxsell, B. Tyrrell, M. Barnes. M. Murphy-Knight, S. Gibbs, K. Robson, K. Dickson, M. Smith & T. Craig

Apologies: J. Hickmott, C. Boxsell, J. O’Byrne & B. Girling

Tony opened the Meeting and thanked those that turned up for coming along and showing their support for the Club.

Minutes of Previous AGM:

Sticks suggested that as all business arising from the last AGM has either been actioned or overtaken by events; there was no real need to go over them in detail. If anyone has any points they would like to bring up, they can wait until General Business. Copies are available if anyone wants to have a read. Agreed.


Presidents (Written) Moved A. McCann – Accepted by all in attendance.

In short, Tony thanked everyone that contributed throughout the year and congratulated all the award winners from the Presentation Night, including Jack Boxsell who was selected in the AFL South Coast Team of the Year and Sticks for becoming the first inductee in the AFL South Coast Hall of Fame.

He thanked all the sponsors and acknowledged the effort of the Juniors and their committee and spoke of how we need to work harder and show more commitment as a playing group if we are to be a force again. Hopefully with a few players returning and lessons learnt, we can bridge the gap next year.

He then went on to say that he would like to step down as President, but was available for all other positions except Secretary & Treasurer if nobody puts their hand up.

Treasurer’s (Attached) Moved N. Hickmott – Accepted by all in attendance.

Sticks advised that the Club remains in a very healthy position with most of our Sponsors expected to be onboard in 2018. With the Bridge Tavern again failing to deliver any sponsorship revenue, he invited the incoming committee to look elsewhere, although we should be careful not to ask for too much unless we are sure we can meet our commitment. (BT offered to touch base with the North Nowra Tavern). He also suggested that with the introduction of a Women’s Comp it may be worth talking to the BBC as we may need a bigger function room to hold the Presentation Night.

Since the season ended and with Sticks retiring from the work force, we have opened an account with St George and are in the process of closing our account at the Defence Bank. Sticks, BT, Tony & Cort have been added as signatories. Just need to amend the constitution and authorise signatories during open discussion as per the constitution.

Apart from that, everything is looking good. Still a lot of money outstanding; BT to look at acquiring an EFTPOS machine as players never seem to have cash on them.

SCAFL Report:

Not a lot to report. Next League meeting is on Wednesday 7th December at the Kiama League Club – Tony and/or Sticks to attend. Should no more after that.

As already discussed, the League is looking to introduce an Open Women’s AFL team (15 years +) in 2018 which from our perspective is already looking positive.

The REP Team was again successful in 2017 with Jack Boxsell, Courtney Ward & Tom Hines representing the Club and perfoming well in what was a very strong side.

Tony McCann then declared all positions vacant and called on nominations for season 2018.



President Graham Duke A. McCann D. Morrison

Senior Vice Pres. Anthony McCann G. Duke N. Hickmott

Junior Vice Pres. Dave Morrison A. McCann G. Farrow

Secretary Julieanne Hickmott N. Hickmott D. Morrison

Treasurer Neville Hickmott D. Morrison G. Keys

Committee: Gary Farrow G. Duke A. McCann
Les Gernyi G. Farrow G. Duke
Glenn Keys N. Hickmott B. Tyrrell
Brent Tyrrelll N. Hickmott L. Gernyi
Cameron Boxsell N. Hickmott G. Farrow
Jack Boxsell B. Tyrrell A. McCann
Simone Gibbs N. Hickmott G. Keys
Kristy Robson N. Hickmott D. Morrison
Matt Barnes G. Keys J. Boxsell
Morgan Murphy-Knight G. Duke G. Farrow

All positions were elected unopposed.

Amendments to the Constitution.

Sticks reported that during the transfer of bank accounts it was noted that we are not always adhering to the constitution and whilst it hasn’t impacted us in any way , we should tidy up the wording in Para 19 d. (FUNDS) to make us compliant. Currently the wording reads “All cheques, drafts, bills of exchange promissory notes and other negotiable instruments must be signed by any 2 members of the COMMITTEE authorised to do so by the committee.” Whilst most people entrusted to act on the Clubs behalf don’t always remain on the committee, recommend we reword it to read “any 2 members of the CLUB authorised to do so by the committee.” Additionally, recommend all references to “South Coast Australian Football League” and “SCAFL” be amended to read ”AFL South Coast” and “AFLSC” to align with current terminology.

Both motions were agreed without further discussion.



– Sticks moved that he, Tony, Cort & BT be authorised to act as signatories for the BFC. Agreed.

As already advised, sponsorship looks in good shape for 2018. BT to chase up the NNT and Sticks to talk to the BBC. Sticks to send out sponsorship letters shortly with an Appreciation Certificate enclosed. If anyone else has any other prospective sponsors in mind, please speak to Sticks. Kristy L D asked for a copy of a generic sponsorship request which has since been forwarded.

Coaches for 2018


After a lengthy discussion and given there have been no formal applications submitted, it was agreed that Tony, Sticks & Dukesy should get together and discuss the coaching situation and hopefully announce something in the next week or so. So far Glenn has indicated that he is still keen to coach and whilst there was a suggestion that Matt Barnes was going to apply, he made it clear he didn’t want to apply if Glenn was available. BT has also indicated that he might be able to look after the ressies on a Saturday if needed. Noting the possibility of reserve grade playing before the Women and a break between Div 2 & Div 1, Glenn would also be available to help out as would some of the 1st grade players, with Dukesy as a floater and available for other duties if need be.


Sticks updated everyone on the current situation with the impending Women’s Comp which is looking very positive with roughly 15 to 20 players already showing interest and a similar response reported at most other Clubs. Tony introduced Kristy Lee Dickson to the rest of the room and after a brief chat, it was agreed that we should formally appoint Kristy as the inaugural coach of the Bomaderry Women’s AFL Open team. Noting that Kristy is keen to play, Simone said she would talk to Geoff (father) and see if he would like to help out on the sideline.

Sticks has already submitted a grant for $5,000 to help set up the team and given the concessions being offered by the AFL, we should be able to outfit and enter a team for next to nothing meaning we should be able to offer the ladies the chance to come and play AFL for a minimal cost in their first year. Even if it does cost, the potential benefits if done right should more than cover any outlay through improved numbers at games & functions, better canteen takings, a more vibrant atmosphere and hopefully a few recruits for the seniors & juniors. To kick things off, it was agreed we should have 2 meet & greet sessions at ASO on Tues & Thurs (14th & 6th) at 6.30 to get to know each other and hopefully map out a plan with regards to training and the way forward. Sticks to put something on facebook and notify Power FM & the paper (DONE).

General Duscussion

As already mentioned in Tony’s report, Sticks re-emphasised the importance of recruitment if the Club is to survive. Whilst the older members of the committee are happy to continue with the day to day running of the Club, organise the canteen and set up on game day, it’s up to the players and younger member’s of the Club/Committee, to spread the word and chase up players, because without players, we don’t have a Club.
During this discussion it was suggested that it may help if the players or leadership group were to delegate a couple of players each home game to help set up and pack up. Whilst not so much of an issue at the moment, by doing that it helps them understand & appreciate what has to be done so that when we do eventually step down, there isn’t such a void.

Julieanne will fill out the appropriate paperwork and send it to the NSW Office of Fair Trading inside the required timeframe (28 days). (Annual Report & Changes to the Constitution.

Sticks moved that fees remain the same in 2017 and that we stick with the same singlets. Agreed

Sticks to place orders for any equipment shortfalls and organise the names for the honour board.

Sticks moved that we continue with the increase to our Contents Insurance i.e. from $15,000 (standard) to $25,000 and take out $30,000 building cover (carpet, kitchen etc) again this year. Agreed

Sticks to get Les to refresh the medical kit and check the defibrillator during the off season.

BSC has organised another Bunning’s BBQ on the 10th of December. Good recruiting opportunity.

– Sticks asked for permission to purchase a Printer/Scanner seeing as he no longer has access to one at work.

Dukesy advised that he has almost finished the plaque for the Clubhouse with the names of any Bomaderry Players that have won a Tunbridge Medal. To be mounted shortly.

– Sticks advised that we need to get rid of the old lounges and purchase new ones with the money received
from the Veolia Mulwaree grant. If anyone can get a hold of some tip vouchers that would be appreciated,
otherwise we will have to pay.

Sticks advised that the Bomaderry Cricket Club will be using the Clubhouse again during the off season for a couple of functions. We make a few dollars, the Club gets a bit of exposure and hopefully we might pick up one or two players.

Dave Morrison advised that the Juniors had already held their AGM with all positions filled, and that the outlook for 2018 was very positive. Age groups next year will be Auskick, U/9’s, U/11’s, U/13’s (2 teams), U/15’s & U/17’s with a very real prospect of an U/12’s girls team. He also thanked Tony and the senior committee for all their support and the way the selection of Juniors in the senior teams was handled. He also reported that their Honour Board is complete and ready to be mounted on the wall. With Gratio moving on, the U/17’s are in desperate need of a Coach should anyone be interested.

Meeting closed 2040.

Next meeting – TBA.