Club News

Held at 1810 – 04 November 2015 at the Artie Smith Oval Clubrooms
(For Season 2016)

Attendee’s:     N. Hickmott, A. McCann, G. Duke, G. Farrow, A. Gulliver, H. Gulliver, A. Pearn, D. Breeden, J. Hangan, M. Ganderton, G. Keys & N. Dowling
Apologies:      J. Hickmott, S. Byrne, L. Gernyi, L. Jackman, C. Ward, T. Hanlon & Ash. Priest.

Tony opened the Meeting and thanked those that turned up for coming along and showing their support for the Club.

Minutes of Previous AGM:

Sticks suggested that as all business arising from the last AGM has either been actioned or overtaken by events; there was no real need to go over them in detail. If anyone has any points they would like to bring up, they can wait until General Business. Copies are available if anyone wants to have a read. Agreed.

Presidents (Verbal)                 Moved A. McCann                 – Accepted by all in attendance.

Tony thanked everyone on the committee for all their support including the coaches, the ladies and all our sponsors. Whilst disappointing not to make the finals in 1st Grade, Reserve Grade did fairly well making it through to 3rd spot and had it not been for a horrific run of injuries, both sides may have done better in what was a fairly competitive season. Tony congratulated to all the award winners and acknowledged the efforts of the Juniors and everyone involved, making special mention of the U/12’s, who went through the season undefeated. He also praised the efforts of the BSC which proved to be a great initiative and will hopefully continue to build camaraderie. Whilst the social events were great, it would nice to see more people attend & enjoying themselves.

Treasurer’s (Attached)            Moved N. Hickmott                 – Accepted by all in attendance.

Sticks advised that the Club remains in a very healthy position with most of our Sponsors expected to be onboard in 2016. Amazing Dental have already agreed to another 3 year deal and whilst Macca’s have stated that they would like to get together early in the new year to discuss the way ahead, they are at least onboard for next year.

SCAFL Report:
Not a lot to report. League AGM is on Wednesday 28th, 7pm at the Sporties, so should no more after that.
Rep Team was again successful in 2015 with Andree Lee our only representative in what was a very strong side.
Tony McCann then declared all positions vacant and called on nominations for season 2016.



President A. McCann A. Pearn G. Farrow
Senior Vice Pres. G. Duke A. McCann A. Pearn
Junior Vice Pres. A. Preist N. Hickmott H. Gulliver
Secretary J. Hickmott N. Hickmott G. Farrow
Treasurer N. Hickmott A. McCann G. Keys
Committee: G. Farrow G. Duke A. McCann
A. Gulliver N. Hickmott G. Duke
H. Gulliver N. Hickmott G. Duke
A. Pearn N. Hickmott A. McCann
L. Gernyi G. Farrow G. Duke
G. Keys N. Hickmott A. Pearn
S. Byrne N. Hickmott A. McCann
J. Hangan N. Hickmott A. McCann
M. Ganderton N. Hickmott G. Keys

All positions were elected unopposed.
Tony took the opportunity to once again thank everyone for a job well done and wish the incoming committee every success.


–                  Sticks advised that early indications seem to suggest that most sponsors were happy with the level of support they received in 2015 and that we are already well positioned for next year with regards to sponsorship. Macca’s & Amazing Dental are both locked in for next year. The Bridge Tavern, Dunn & Williams, Tuscany, Scruple’s, Crofty’s Tyre & Auto & Basham’s Physiotherapy have also given a verbal pledge, plus I’m reasonably confident Specsaver’s, Mamma’s, Baker’s Delight, Caltex, Manildra, Aqua Services, Integrity Real Estate, Nowra City Holden and the BBC will re-commit, plus I am hopeful of getting something out of Big Dog & Turfco. Have also received a commitment for $500 from Hanlon’s Windows whose logo will be on our new training singlets, so all in all things are looking fairly promising.
–                  Plan to send out letters inside the next week with an Appreciation Certificate enclosed. If anyone else has any other prospective sponsors in mind, please speak to Sticks.

Coaches for 2016
–                  Sticks reported that Glen Keys has been appointed Director of Coaching for 2016 with Lachlan Jackman taking on the responsibility of 1st Grade Coach. Dukesy & Burnie have also put their hand up to help out in some capacity. Would be nice to get someone new to take on the role of Reserve Grade coach, that way the team isn’t left to its own resources when Burnie goes to prepare for 1st Grade, plus apart from increasing the number of people available to share the workload, it also frees up Dukesy to look after the board in 1st Grade or be utilised in another capacity.
–                  Andrew Pearn advised that he was now free and willing to take on the role. After a brief discussion and a show of hands, the decision was made to appoint Pearny as Reserve Grade coach for 2016. Well done.
–                  In closing, Sticks acknowledged the wonderful job Pudge and his team did over the last 2 years. Whilst we may be losing a coach, we are gaining a quality player who’s on field leadership and experience will definitely be a bonus and someone the coaching staff can depend on.

–                  Julieanne will fill out the appropriate paperwork and send it to the NSW Office of Fair Trading inside the required timeframe (28 days).
–                  Sticks suggested that we have a committee dinner before XMAS as a small token of our appreciation for the hard work and personal sacrifices that we all make. After a short chat, the decision was made to go to the BBC as we still have a number of vouchers that need to be used before the end of the year plus they are a sponsor. Sticks suggested 6 -6.30 pm Tuesday the 08th of December which seemed to suit everyone. Sticks to organise. DONE
–                  Sticks moved that fees remain the same in 2016. Players to receive a training singlet as part of their registration when they pay their fees. Hanlon Windows & Crofty’s Tyre & Auto have kindly donated and will have their logo displayed on the singlets reducing the cost to the Club significantly.
–                  The Club website is looking good thanks to the efforts of Vicki Pearn. Still got a bit to do, but if anyone has any ideas on how we can improve, please speak to Vicki or Sticks.
–                  Got council to draw up some plans and put some costing details together to increase the size of the change rooms and include a disability toilet. Unfortunately, they came up with a figure close to $200,000 which is clearly out of our reach, so things have pretty well stalled in that area.
–                  Sticks will look after any equipment shortfalls and organise the names for the honour board.
–                  Bottom end goal posts need to be repaired or replaced and one of the top end point posts has been sheared off by vandals. Have contacted the PILA to determine the most cost effective method. May be able to get away with four new sleeves, a few new parts and a new point post. PILA has advised that the galvanised sleeve stays with the pole and it’s not particularly important how we attach or pack it, as long as we work out how far it needs to protrude (300mm??) from the aluminium pole for insertion in the ground sleeve. Goal posts aren’t covered by Council, but they will look after the fence, the oval and the seat that has been dislodged.
–                  Whilst not wanting to seem heavy handed or upset any of our Junior Coaches & Managers who are already doing more than most, it would be appreciated if the respective teams could take better control of their water bottles & footballs and not just dump them in the Clubhouse after training and bolt. If that means appointing someone to look after the gear then so be it.
–                  On the subject of footballs, would appreciate it if Jacko & Glen could have a look at all the footballs and ditch any that are no longer up to scratch. Sticks is happy to provide new balls on a regular basis if it will add value and improve our skills etc, just don’t not in favour of unnecessary waste if you know what I mean. Any size 4 footballs or smaller can be set aside for the juniors.
–                  Adam advised that the age groups for the Shoalhaven Juniors would remain the same in 2016 (i.e U/10’s, U/12’s, U/14.5’s & U/17’s), and that our U/17’s are in need of a coach, if anyone is interested.  Looking to organise a North versus South conference next year in the U/17’s with the winners of each zone to play off as a curtain raiser to the senior G/F which at this stage, is planned for the Nowra Showground in 2016.
–                  Pearny raised the prospect of having an away strip and whilst it was met with varied remarks (eg. Cost, League approval, potential clashes and so on) it was generally agreed that the money could be better used or spent on strapping and physio requirements. From that, Pearny agreed to speak to Kira to gauge her level of commitment or availability next year & Tony undertook to speak to Katy Daniel. Tony also offered to do a strapping course, with Sticks to speak to Gerry Basham to see if he would be prepared to come to the Clubhouse and run a strapping course. If that can be arranged, we can probably invite the Juniors and anyone else that’s keen to come along.
–                  Pearny to send details of RSA provider to Sticks, as Tony & Sticks both need to renew their RSA.
–                  Tony raised the subject of ‘Working with Children Checks’. Sticks to resend the link. Whilst not as vital for seniors, probably worth getting the coaching staff to apply.
–                  BSC are doing a Sausage Sizzle at Bunning’s on the 13th of December. Sticks to email a flyer to Pearny who will also take the banners as a way of advertising the Club. Never know, someone just might be interested in having a game.
–                  The question was raised re- the state of play with regards to getting the scoreboard fixed and what to do if we get no joy. Heidi was of the belief that Brett had already paid to have the motherboard repaired. Sticks to talk to Brett. If the repair is still unsuccessful, Pearny suggested that he might be able to come up with a fix that would be cheaper than a new board. As a back up, Gary & Dukesy undertook to look at some other options, rather than have to carry the old scoreboard out if the electronic board is playing up. (eg. magnetic numbers, hooks, painting the front of the scoreboard cabinet etc etc)
–                  Glen advised that he had a heap of game plans and training sets that he & Jacko are looking to implement this year, with the plan to have all teams including the U/17’s training and playing off the same sheet. That way when a player is promoted he should know what’s expected and slot into the line up without a hitch. Pre-season training will kick off on the 18th of November at 5.30 pm and will be held every Mon & Wed for the next 4 weeks. Club is looking to adopt a buddy system whereby a senior player acts as a mentor for one of the U/17’s or someone knew to the game. Will also be adopting a PLUS 1 theme with everyone encouraged to bring a mate. Hopefully this will help us expand our playing list and put a bit more pressure on everyone to train. Other things discussed include the prospect of a practice match if not 2 before the start of the year. Options include the Wollongong Lions and Bargo. Coaches to organise once numbers are known and a venue can be acquired. Jacko has apparently got 6 new players as possible recruits and is actively pursuing everyone from last year’s list. Glenn to contact all of last years U/17’s, especially those players that are too old to play Junior’s in 2016. I guess we will know more once training gets underway, but for the time being, the attitude and level of enthusiasm seems fairly positive.
Meeting closed 2200.
Next meeting – TBA.