Club News

Author: Sticks Hickmott

Like to kick things off by welcoming you all here tonight, particularly those people that have travelled some distance to be with us. I’d like you all to welcome Katy Daniel (President of the SCAFL) and acknowledge those life members that were able to make it, namely Alan Baker, Christine Edwards, Tassie Brown, Jeff Goedecke, Gary Holgate, Mick Partridge, Craig Johnson, Mark Butler, Darren Gration, Darren Murray & Julieanne Hickmott. Unfortunately there were a lot of people that couldn’t make it tonight but I won’t waste time rattling off names. Needless to say they all send their best wishes and trust that we will celebrate in style. I’d also like to welcome Greg Stephenson from Sportspower and I’m particularly pleased that Wayne Dunn, one of our major sponsors and a member of the ‘1978’ Reserve Grade Premiership team was able to make it tonight

Whilst most of us are here tonight to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Bomaderry AFC, it’s also fitting that we have a number of players & members from the other AFL Clubs in our presence, as without each other, this league would not exist. I dropped into Albatross & Nowra’s reunions last year and thoroughly enjoyed catching up with everybody. Hopefully you will all leave here tonight feeling the same way. It’s worth remembering ‘The Older we get, the Better we Were’.

As promised, I plan to keep this as short as possible so that we can all spend more time socialising and renewing old acquaintances. There’s a booklet that we will hand out later on tonight that contains some Club history including my speech from the last reunion, so rather than go over it all again, you can grab a copy later on or tomorrow at the recovery BBQ and have a read when you sober up. Since the last reunion the Club has gone from strength to strength. The reserves won again in 2006, but unfortunately, lost the 07 & 08 Grand Finals by less than a goal, whilst 1st grade has won the last 3 premierships, and despite losing 14 players from last years team, are on track to give it another huge shake this year.

The Club continues to work closely with the Junior’s, who are clearly, a major factor behind the Clubs recent run of success. The committee, capably led by Dave Webb is functioning well, numbers are healthy and the Club is well placed financially. Even though the future looks bright, we can’t afford to become complacent or take our eye off the ball, and I’m sure we will continue to rely on you guys for plenty of support and inspiration.

On a more sombre note, over the last 12 months, the Club has lost 2 of it’s greatest supporters in Eddie & Daphne Smith, plus sadly we received the news last XMAS that Grace Green had passed away. I guess if you were to reflect back over the last 40 years, we’ve lost a number of our AFL friends and extended family. Rather than try and name them all or hold a minutes silence as is often the custom, I propose you all raise our glasses and toast their memory. “To fallen comrades and good friends, long may their memory live on” Thanks guys. Tomorrow at 1pm we will be spreading Ed & Daph’s ashes on the grassed area in front of their regular car park. Shouldn’t take long and will be the Club’s final mark of respect & hopefully give Daph’s family closure.

Whilst this is not necessarily the forum for individual presentations, I think that on this occasion and noting the Clubs remarkable run of success since the formation of the juniors, it is only fitting that we acknowledge a Club milestone. Two weeks ago, Luke McCann became the first player since the juniors were formed to play 150 senior games for the Club. This is a fairly significant achievement considering only 6 other players have managed to reach this milestone since the Club was formed. Well done Luke. Can you please come up and accept this small memento.

During the course of the night we will be taking a number of photos to help capture the evening. Would particularly like to get some photos involving players from the various premiership teams, plus if anyone else wants to organise a group photo of their own, please go and see Fred Tyler. You may have noticed, there is a DVD running in the background which Fred has kindly put together from the photos that we were able to round up. The plan is to add any photos from this weekend and sell copies for $10. To request a copy you need to come & see me or Rats with $10 and we will organise it for you. We still have a few stubby holders available at the Clubhouse and can you please make sure you fill out the attendance book with your contact details etc.

Before I close, it would be remiss of me if I didn’t acknowledge the contribution and marvellous job that Rats has done organising this weekend and tonight’s function. Thanks mate, most appreciated. Supper will be served shortly and then in an hour or so, David & I will be back to announce Bomaderry’s 40th Reunion ‘All Star Team’. Wasn’t an easy task and I suspect it is likely to generate plenty of discussion.

On that note I think it’s probably time I gave you a break from my voice and allowed you to start catching up with each other. I know I shouldn’t have to remind you, but even though this is a private function, we are all still obligated to adhere to the liquor laws there are no exceptions. Please look after each other and have a great night.