Club News

For the benefit of those that couldn’t make the 2018 Presentation Night or were too pissed to remember, below is a list of award winners from Friday night’s Function
Whilst there have been plenty of posts circulating and our success is now well known, I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your contribution and support throughout the year and congratulate Graham Duke on being awarded Life Membership and Brent Tyrrell who was selected as this year Clubman of the Year.
Fielding 2 men’s teams is hard enough, but to add a new women’s team to the mix and come away with 3 premierships is an outstanding effort and something we should all be extremely proud of.
A special thanks to Dukesy for putting together such a great slide show, Julieanne for all the decorations, the TAV for great food & service and Julie Lawrence for all the photos.
50 Games – Courtney Ward, Jacob Wright & Matthew Polman
100 Games – Jordan Matthews
150 Games – Andrew Lee & Christian Mills
Player of the Finals – Rhys Arnold
Leading Goalkicker – Matt Barnes
Best Backman – Matt Lawrence
Coaches Award – James Batson
Most Consistent – Les Wardale
Player’s Player – Adrian Toms
Tiger of the Year – Adrian Toms
Runner-Up B&F – Brent Tyrrell
Best & Fairest – Matt Lawrence & Adrian Toms
Player of the Finals – Grace Chapman
Leading Goalkicker – Maddie Pearson
Best Backman – Jess Liddiard
Coaches Award – Emma Dempsey & Josephine Hudson
Encouragement – Kate Phillips
Most Consistent – Kate Bramley
Player’s Player – Grace Chapman & Sophie Phillips
Tiger of the Year – Jess Thomas
Runner-Up B&F – Bridget Kellett
Best & Fairest – Sophie Phillips
Player of the Finals – Blake Munilla
Leading Goalkicker – Jordan Matthews
Best Backman – Courtney Ward
Coaches Award – Matt Paynter
Most Consistent – Blake Munilla
Player’s Player – Jack Boxsell
Tiger of the Year – Tyler Dunstan
Runner-Up B&F – Courtney Ward
Best & Fairest – Jack Boxsell
Best 1st Year Player- Jake Evans
Rookie of the Year – Connor Clarke
Most Improved – John Ulrick & Felicity Hector
Chocolates: – Charlie Bramley, Rae Carter & Tracy Duke
Ladies: – Julieanne Hickmott
Coaches: – Glenn Keys, Matt Barnes, Graham Duke,
Brent Tyrrell, Geoff Gibbs & Kristie Dickson
Conspicuous Services: – Jade Basham
CLUBMAN of the Year: – Brent Tyrrell