Club News

A huge crowd turned out at Artie Smith to watch the Tiger’s unveil their 3 Premiership flags, and whilst things didn’t go quite to plan for the men, you couldn’t question their commitment which is all anyone can ask for.

With a couple of key players unavailable and 8 players making their debut, I have to admit I was a little concerned, however as always the girls didn’t disappoint, proving too strong for North’s in a fairly dominant display.

In 1st Grade, the boys certainly had their chances and whilst North’s have picked up some handy players, poor delivery into our forward line and a couple 50 metre penalties probably cost the Tiger’s a chance to start their season with a bang.

Still it was a good effort and if we continue to work hard, we showed enough today to suggest we are going to be more than competitive in our return to Premier League. Also a special thanks to everyone for their efforts on the sidelines and in the canteen, on what was a very busy day.

Port Kembla 12 – 10: 82 defeated Bomaderry: 7 – 8: 50
Goals: L. Price 2, C. Mills, J. Owens, R. Kelly, A. Ugle & H. Robjohns 1 goal
Best: M. Bryce, C. Bramley, B. Tyrrell, R. Kelly, M. Wurr, M. Lawrence, J. Owens, J. Carter A. Wright & M. Farrow

Crofty’s Auto & Tyre & the TAV Voucher’s – Charlie Bramley
Tuscany Wood-Fired Restaurant Voucher – Matt Bryce
Mamma’s Italian Kitchen Voucher – Ryan Kelly
Scruple’s Hair & Beauty Award – Matt Lawrence
Dunn & Williams Coaches Cup – Mitchell Wurr

Bomaderry 6 – 9: 45 defeated North’s: 1 – 0: 6
Goals: L. McDonald 2, M. Pearson 2, K. Sargent & E. Dowse 1 goal
Best: E. Dowse, B. Kellett, B. Swanke, S. Weir, T. Weynberg, L. McDonald, J. Liddiard, R. Matthews & J. Thomas.

Crofty’s Auto & Tyre & the TAV Voucher’s – Emma Dowse
Inspired Hair Designs Voucher – Brooke Swanke
Tuscany Wood-Fired Restaurant Voucher – Samantha Weir
Mamma’s Italian Kitchen Voucher – Tiffany Weynberg
Scruple’s Hair & Beauty Award – Bridget Kellett
Dunn & Williams Coaches Cup – Lily McDonald

North’s: 10 – 10: 70 defeated Bomaderry 9 – 7: 61
Goals: J. Matthews 6, B. Herdman, J. Lapatha & J. Wright 1 goal.
Best: J. Boxsell, J. Matthews, C. Rodden, Tristan Craig, C. Clarke, J. Ulrick, J. Muggleton, B. Herdman,
J. Weller & S. Harvey-Aziz

Crofty’s Auto & Tyre & TAV Voucher’s – Jack Boxsell
Kel Campbell Caltex Fuel Card – Charlie Rodden
Tuscany Wood-Fired Restaurant Voucher – Tristan Craig
Mamma’s Italian Kitchen Voucher – Jordan Matthews
Scruple’s Hair & Beauty Award – John Ulrick
Dunn & Williams Coaches Cup – Jack Boxsell