Club News

Held at 1800 – 14 November 2018 at the Artie Smith Oval Clubrooms
(For Season 2019)

Attendee’s: N. Hickmott, A. McCann, G. Duke, G. Farrow, G. Keys, D. Morrison, C. Boxsell,
J. Boxsell, B. Tyrrell, M. Barnes. S. Hackett, G. Gibbs, J. Gibbs, K. Dickson, J. Matthews, T. Hines, J. Lapatha, M. Polman, E. Reichler, R. Phillips, M. Farrow, N. Mackey,
R. Arnold & J. Wright.

Apologies: J. Hickmott & L. Gernyi

Dukesy opened the meeting thanking everyone for coming and acknowledging the roll up. Always promising when there are more people than positions on the committee.

Minutes of Previous AGM:

As with previous years, Sticks suggested that as all business arising from the last AGM has either been actioned or overtaken by events; there was no real need to go over them in detail. If anyone has any points they would like to bring up, they can wait until General Business. Copies are available if anyone wants to have a read. Agreed.


Presidents (Written) Moved G. Duke – Accepted by all in attendance.

In short, Graham thanked everyone for their contribution throughout the year, making special mention of the Club’s 3 Premiership victories and the individual achievements of Jack, Sophie, Jordan & Cort.

He also thanked the sponsors and acknowledged the effort of the Junior’s and their committee and spoke of his joy and appreciation at being bestowed with Life Membership.

Treasurer’s (Attached) Moved N. Hickmott – Accepted by all in attendance.

Sticks advised that the Club remains in a very healthy position, despite a loss of just over $700.

Considering we started up a whole new team and gave the girls some really good deals as incentive to take up the game, plus the fact that our strapping expenses were close to $5000 (well up on last year) we’ve done really well. Still have some Sponsorship money owing and Chocolate money to come in

SCAFL Report:

Not a lot to report. Will no more after the next League meeting which is on Thursday 29th of November at the Kiama League Club at 6pm. Since the season ended, we have received notification of the rule changes in 2019 which will be passed onto the Coaching staff, plus we have been advised that Bay & Basin have been accepted into the Women’s competition, with further teams likely to follow. May need to raise the possibility of a 2nd Tier

The Club has tentatively nominated teams in DIV 1, DIV 2 and the Women’s comp, however final nominations are not due until February, so we reserve the right to revisit once we start training.

Graham then declared all positions vacant and invited Dave Morrison to act as returning officer for season 2019.



President Graham Duke A. McCann G. Farrow

Senior Vice Pres. Anthony McCann G. Farrow K. Dickson

Junior Vice Pres. Dave Morrison N.Hickmott G. Gibbs

Secretary Simone Hackett G. Gibbs N. Hickmott

Treasurer Neville Hickmott G. Duke M. Barnes

Committee: Gary Farrow G. Duke A. McCann
Les Gernyi G. Farrow G. Duke
Glenn Keys N. Hickmott B. Tyrrell
Jordan Matthews G. Duke N. Hickmott
Cameron Boxsell G. Keys G. Farrow
Jack Boxsell J. Matthews A. McCann
M. Polman N. Hickmott G. Keys
Emily Reichler G. Gibbs N. Hickmott
Roz Phillips E. Reichler G. Duke
Thomas Hines N. Hickmott J. Boxsell
All positions were elected unopposed.



– Sticks advised that McDonald’s & Amazing Dental are on board again and that ‘Arkana Energy Group’ have agreed to kick in $3500 for a new set jumpers in 2019.
Hanlon Windows and DMH Accounting (Hobbsy) have also agreed to donate $750 each, towards the 50th Reunion, and whilst sponsorship letters are not expected to be delivered until the end of January, it is generally expected that most, if not all of last year’s sponsors will re-commit in 2019. Julie Lawrence is going to design team photos with In Appreciation’ wording embedded which will be presented to the Sponsors when the letters are delivered.
Geoff Gibbs confirmed that South Coast were on board for $1000 (since amended to $1500 to help offset the cost of setting up a Youth/Girls team) and that SCC would take over the Alarm monitoring as part of their sponsorship package.

General Duscussion

Dukesy welcomed the new committee acknowledging the fact that for once we have a committee of volunteers rather than members being volunteered by virtue of attendance. He is looking forward to 2019 especially with the Reunion and the challenge of returning to DIV 1 and is looking at ways we can share the work load which he will table further down the track.

Matt Barnes raised the prospect of having committee meetings on a monthly or even 6 weekly basis which was agreed. .

Sticks/Simone to fill out the appropriate paperwork and send it to the NSW Office of Fair Trading inside the required timeframe (28 days). (Annual Report & Changes of Public Officer).

Sticks moved that fees be increased to $100 for Students and $150 for Playing Members in 2019 the help offset rising costs, particularly strapping & medical supplies. Agreed

Sticks suggested that if anyone knew someone that had retired or who had a medical background and might like to get involved with a sporting Club, we would be more than happy to pay them a few dollars and cover the costs of any refresher training.

Sticks advised that he is in the process of placing an order for a complete set of Jumpers along with any equipment shortfalls and will organise the names and re-design of the honour board to include Reserve Grade and the Women’s B&F and Tiger of the Year winners. The Tunbridge Medal Board will also be amended to capture the Tom Smith & Maddie Collier Medal.

Sticks moved that we continue with the increase to our Contents Insurance i.e. from $15,000 (standard) to $25,000 and take out $30,000 building cover (carpet, kitchen etc) again this year. Agreed

Les Gernyi to refresh the medical kit and check the defibrillator during the off season.

Premiership Pennants have been ordered and should be delivered within the next couple of weeks.

Certificate of Currency and associated risk management questions completed by Sticks via the website.

Sticks presented a Polo shirt which he has designed for the 50th Reunion. There are two options which members & people attending can select from. One with a Tiger and one without. Both were considered acceptable, although surprisingly the shirt without the Tiger seemed the most popular option.

There was then a lengthy discussion regarding the redevelopment of Artie Smith and the potential concerns surrounding the perceived lack of floor space and associated issues involving the new social room. Sticks undertook to engage with council and request an on-site meeting to discuss our concerns and make them aware of what we have, what we need and what we stand to lose.

With that in mind and given that this could still take some time, Sticks presented a quote and moved that we go ahead and replace the existing carpet with new carpet squares. Agreed. (Sticks to action)

Sticks has asked Vicki Pearn to update the website and provide an ‘Idiots’ guide so that we can keep it current. Particularly important given next year is our 50th reunion. If we get no satisfaction, then may need to look at other options.

Dave Morrison advised that the Juniors’ have already held their AGM with all positions filled, and that the outlook for 2019 is fairly positive. The only concern at this early stage is the numbers and future of the U/17’s who may need to join forces with the likes of Kiama. Otherwise things look good especially with the formation of a Youth/Girls team in 2019.

The topic of whether or not to have XMAS party was raised, however most felt that with all that is going on, we should wait and see what people think once training commences.

Coaches for 2019

Sticks advised that despite a number of articles in the paper and on facebook requesting ‘Expressions of Interest’ to coach in 2019 we haven’t received any applications from outside the Club. Advertising even included a radio interview and a couple of approaches to ex – AFL players from other Clubs, who whilst flattered, couldn’t spare the time to provide the level of commitment that the job requires.

That said, there were 2 applications on the table, one from Matt Barnes to coach 1st Grade and one from Geoff Gibbs for the Women’s team.

Both showed last year that they have the experience and skills to take the Club forward and from the comments & discussions that Sticks has had with a number of senior players (Men & Women) they appear to have the support of the playing group. Sticks advised that BT has indicated that he is happy to coach the two’s, but would gladly step aside if someone more qualified puts their hand up, plus Sticks has also had a brief discussion with Gary Fuss who appeared keen to be involved in some capacity, possibly as an Assistant Coach.

Both Geoff & Matt were subsequently appointed unanimously and together they along with the committee, took time out to acknowledge and thank Kristie & Glenn for their efforts and the part they played in getting all 3 teams to a premiership in 2018.

Meeting closed 2030.

Next meeting – TBA.